5 most under-rated bands/artists from Pakistan

Before I start off let me clarify that these are merely my views. I have been a regular follower of Pakistani music over the years and these in my opinion are the most under-rated musicians from Pakistan.

5. Rage (Band)



Remember the soundtrack of drama serial “Aashiana” which took the country by storm? Nobody knew who’s song was it but everybody was singing it. Rage was the name of the band that produced the melodious track but they never received their due recognition. The last album they released was titled “Deewana”. The video for “Chand se chehron pe” from the new album was released and it was an instant hit. Another video that was released was titled “Deewana” which wasn’t received well by the public. This was the last that we saw of them. Their album “Deewana” is available on the internet as a proof of their talent.

4. Shiraz UppalShiraz Uppal

A composer and a singer, Shiraz Uppal came into the spot light with the track “Tera te mera” which was an instant hit and it made his album “Tera te mera” sell well. Many of us dont know that this was his second album. The first album titled “Tu hai meri” didn’t do well. His third album “Jhuki Jhuki” was again a hit. He then went on to sing for an Indian movie and is currently collaborating with A.R Rehman on some tracks. The melodious nature of his songs make them all listen able unlike other musicians where u skip tracks. Despite all the success, he still is under-rated and has failed to carve a permanent name for himself in the music industry. He certainly is one of the highly talented but under-rated musicians of our country.

3. Jimmy Attre

Jimmy Attre

Jimmy Attre

Hated by many for one reason or the other but no one can deny that this musician has a classy voice. He broke into the music scene with two back to back videos of “Zamana nazuk hai” and “Tere naal nachna” from the album “Zamana Nazuk hai”. His songs and videos got mixed responses but the quality of composition and the way the songs were sung showed his talent. He later came into spotlight again, this time with a “Humd” which left many in awe. He has been out of the scene ever since but is a pure example of undeniable talent which is left unappreciated.

2. Mizraab (Band)



Spearheaded by an internationally renowned guitarist, Faraz Anwar, the band was formed in late 90s. The band basically produced progressive-rock music which was a target of continuous criticism. Mizraab released an incomplete album titled “Panchi” which due to its incompleteness didn’t do well amongst the public. 2004 saw them releasing their album “Maazi haal aur mustaqbil” to much criticism and critical acclaim. Their videos “Panchi” and “Kitni Sadian” received a lot of airtime on music channels. But it was clear from the response that the masses weren’t ready to accept the kind of music that Mizraab was producing. They released the video “Ujalon main” in 2007 with a new line-up. This track saw Mizraab change their genre and it was well received all over the country. In 2009 Faraz Anwar moved to England thus disbanding Mizraab. This is an example of a highly talented band whose genre wasn’t acceptable to the masses.

1. Karavan (Band)



Yes! Karavan! The brain-child of one of the leading guitarists and ex-Awaz member Assad Ahmed, Karavan consisted of Assad Ahmed on guitars, Najam Shiraz on vocals and Sameer Ahmed on bass. Popular in the younger generation for their classic rock sound, Karavan released their first album titled “Rakh Aas” in 1997. Their second album followed which was titled “Safar”. Najam Sheraz left the band soon after and Tanseer Dar took over as the new vocalist. They released their brilliant third album “Gardish” in 2002 which contained gems like “Agay hi agay”, “Gardish” and “Dil ki pyaas”. It was an instant hit amongst the younger generation of the country. Karavan is known for its electrifying live performances and considered one of the best live acts in the country. Despite having a strong fan following Karavan is under-rated when you talk of the masses. Assad Ahmed and Tanseer Dar make a deadly combination and are a must listen for everyone.


5 Responses to “5 most under-rated bands/artists from Pakistan”

  1. mizraab , jimmy attre and rage are the over-rated bands lol I wish they were under-rated :p other thn tht it all depends on your views and nt mine hehehe

  2. Raphael Burton Says:

    Mahwish, unfortunately being a pakistani, you wouldnt have a clue about music. Im from brazil and guess what, if Mizraab was a brazilian band, we would’ve done anything to make it big, considering its world class line-up and complex genre. But what would you know.


  3. I would Deff. say Karavan is one of my fav band and deff. the underrated one here on this list. Also Mizraab and shiraz Uppal.

  4. This website has got some very helpful stuff on it! Thanks for informing me!

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